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Advanced Image Editor for Wordpress - Edik

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Edik replaces built-in editor with rich functional, modern popup editor. It includes all features standard editor has + extended with much more cool stuff, like enhanced filters.

Edik smoothly integrates into Wordpress media library.

3It works correctly with Wordpress media uploader, so you can modify images directly in media uploader popup in fast and esay way.

Once you finish editing image, you can save it and it will update directly, without page reload and you can continue work with this /image.

4Edik supports fast edit for Featured images for eny post types.
Once you enabled plugin you'll see Imge editor link under featured image (In the right hand from "Remove featured image" link.

This can be very useful for fast image editing in Wordpress.

5WooCommerce support
Plugin has basic support of WooCommerce.

You can edit Woocommerce Product Gallery images very fast. After plug-in activation you'll see small edit icon(green pencil) over every product image.