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DashLinQ is a car friendly drive mode launcher that makes it easy and safe to use your Smartphone.


DashLinQ offers safe way to use Smartphone in the car mode with voice control, large, simple icons with bright colors, and intuitive user interface.


DashLinQ drive mode can be activated via Bluetooth or GROM Link automatically. Pressing Home button will return back to DashLinQ (option in Settings).


DashLinQ drive mode app offers unique media plugins to integrate Local Music (stored on the phone), Google Music (purchased or uploaded via Music Manager), Web Radio and Spotify (streaming requires Premium account) to make music listening easy. You can see what is playing and control directly from DashLinQ.


Navigation app or calling shortcuts can be made available at single click via large icon directly on screen. 22 shortcut slots are available. See local weather, large Clock and easy to use Sticky button.




Voice command button to:

* Activate phone calls

* Activate navigation


Music plugins for third party music players for 4.4+ :


Web Radio: browse the stations by region, genre, type of music. Add stations to the favorites, record favorites pieces to access them later.

Spotify (paid account required!): Browse by Stations, charts, New Releases, Genres and Moods, Your Music. Search via voice or type-in.

Google Music (only purchased or uploaded via Music Manager!): browse by playlist, album, artist. Search via voice or type-in.

Local (stored on the phone) Music: browse by Folders, Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs. Search with voice or type-in.


* Gesture control in music plugins (swipe left/right, swipe up/down, two finger tap and more)

* Car optimized interface with bold graphics and easy to press buttons

* One-swipe access to now playing track


Car Optimized Features

* Weather information for Current or selected location

* Large and contrast Clock

* Home button mapped to DashLinQ while DashLinQ is active (Car Mode)

* Sticky icon always on launcher screen: Screen Lock, Brightness

* Shortcuts to your favorite apps at your fingertips

* Shortcuts and integrated controls to the third party media players


Easy to use

* Activate app via Bluetooth or GROM connection automatically

* Keep screen on while connected to power (optional)

* Metric or Imperial units

* Full screen mode with only most essential notifications enabled

* Large system status bar showing meaningful information only


Extra (not required):

* Full GROM HW integration (http://gromaudio.com/store/index.html)

* Make sure to set up Playlists (Local,GMusic,Spotify)/Favorites (Web Radio) before connecting to GROM module to avoid lockups !


For more details, please visit http://gromaudio.com/dashlinq/ and contact us at dashlinq@gromaudio.com

To report issues, feedback and check tips & tricks, visit our community page:



Languages supported: English, Russian, Romanian


We offer 30-day free trial for you to experience DashLinQ. After the trial period, you will be given options to either

  1. Upgrade to premium version at $4.99
  2. Continue with Ads.