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The Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge is a simple customized 12-week program designed to support diabetes management with a healthy diet and exercise. Take your diabetes management program with you where ever you go. Download our iOS app to stream workouts and track calories, activity, and blood glucose from your iPhone or iPad. With the Glucerna 1-2-3 Challenge app you can add food as your eating it, manage your diabetes and glucose tests, and update your progress from anywhere.

Take your workout with you on the road for work, to the gym, or when meeting friends at the local park. Mark your completion for an instant sync to your account online.

You can also search recipes, set email and SMS reminders, find workout videos on the go with the categorized and searchable routine library, or look up specific exercises.


● Easy Calorie, Activity, and Glucose Tracking
● Find and watch Exercise and Workout videos
● Syncs with your online account to follow your program and meal plan
● Track your weight over time
● Calculate your target heart rate, Body Mass Index, and healthy weight