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Your network is vital to your business. With Keep inTouch Personal Relationship Manager (KiT PRM), you always know exactly who to call and when – with the key details at your fingertips. If you are tired of overcomplicated CRMs, then KiT is the perfect app for you.

****To celebrate the launch of KiTPRM in the App Store, it is free for a limited time****

KiT, featuring the Dynamic Dashboard Interface, prioritizes your contacts and shows you the notes and relationship details you need for contact confidence and success. KiT helps prevent damaged relationships or lost revenue from uninformed, poorly timed, or non-existent follow-up. KiT can even remind you to call your mom every week or take your cousin to her birthday lunch. Use it to keep track of opportunities, referrals, anniversaries and more. Its simple intuitive design makes it fast and easy.

KiT’s features include:

-Automatic call prioritization – No need to reorganize your calls, even after a vacation or break.

-Shorter sales cycle – Systematically stay in touch with decision-makers.

-Key information, now – Everything you need to know is there for you when you need it including discussion topics.

-Centralized contact list – KiT uses your internal phonebook so there’s only one list to maintain.

-Ease of use – KiT’s tutorials are designed with you in mind, easy and fast.

-Referral retention – With KiT, you track your referrals so they are never lost or forgotten.

-Social connection – KiT reminds you to call those who are important to you.

Call, email or text and build your business and personal relationships! It has never been easier to nurture your important connections without spending more of your precious time.

Don’t let your valuable contacts and referrals slip through your fingers – no matter how busy your life gets.