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Shakeme - Shout You A Coupon
Shakeme's vision is to create the most advanced marketing method in the world in cooperation with business owners from all over the country, in order to provide consumers with an innovative and exciting shopping experience. And to help business owners advertise to thousands of consumers for minimum investment in maximum exposure. An application that rewards the consumers who use it through our innovative marketing method.

Shakeme is a social cellular application that enables consumers to receive gifts and benefits, according to location services, and according to the areas of interest they have chosen.
The service includes closing of contracts with various business houses using WIN WIN method
We take care of the user for the best deals, in addition to discounts and benefits of 100% discount.

Who we are?
Shikes Ltd.
A group of people who had fed up with the usual marketing methods of the business and created a whole new system. wisdom
More, more accurate and much more worthwhile. The method is applied as an application based on current technology
And a smart and unique mechanism that we developed and even registered as an exclusive patent. We are hungry to make a change and invite
You join us