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VisionBox – Law of Attraction Lockscreen Creator
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Welcome to VisionBox. The first iOS 7 lockscreen app designed to help you achieve your dream life through the use of the law of attraction!

It's as simple as 1-2-3...

1) Types your goals, dreams/and or appreciations into your VisionBox

2) Personalize your VisionBox using the filter, backgrounds and fonts

3) Save your VisionBox to your phone and set it to your lockscreen to start attracting everything in your VisionBox - into your life!

The VisionBox Story:

About a year ago VisionBox creators started experimenting with the law of attraction by writing down their intentions onto an apple note, taking a screenshot of that note and then setting it to their lockscreen. Time and time again they noticed that whenever they looked down at their phone and saw their intention/goal it brought back the feelings of already having what they were striving towards. These feelings were so strong that they started to notice that whatever intention/goal they put in their makeshift VisionBox - ended up becoming a reality.

Eventually they said we need to share this with the world and do so in a beautiful way. Hence - VisionBox iOS 7 Law of Attraction Lockscreen. The VisionBox creators are motivated by the possibility of giving ambitious people a tool that can help them in their pursuit of their dreams.

The VisionBox team sincerely believes that your VisionBox is a launching off point towards making your dreams a reality. The law of attraction states that you become what you think about most. With this in mind we created an app that allows you to create a beautiful lockscreen with words that represent what you're currently trying to attract into your life. Whether you want more money, better relationships, a better career, a better body, or just a happier state of mind - VisionBox is specifically designed to help get you there.