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Keep all of your social media in fun topic-based albums. Whether it's your best selfies, epic travel moments, treasured videos of your kids or your favorite tweets, grab it straight from your phone, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then easily keep it all together. Easily add to your Yarns at any time, and when you share the update, the whole collection stays together!


• See all your content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or iOS Photos in one place.
• Stunning iOS 8 design with full support for Extensions (add to Yarns directly from your favorite supported apps)
• Supports pictures, videos, sound clips and text
• Share Yarns with friends via email and text message or post them to Facebook and Twitter
• Supports public and private collections - your content, your decision!
• Create pictures, videos, sound clips and text updates in-app
• Unlimited uploads
• Completely free

Yarnee supports all iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices