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Intel XDK

The Intel® XDK provides a development environment for creating hybrid mobile apps, including 2D HTML5 games. Special Intel XDK features for game developers include a game asset manager, game-related plug-in APIs, game samples and templates for supported game engines, autocompletion hints in the built-in code editor, and standard features available to app developers using the Intel XDK, such as packaging apps for different platforms.


The Intel® XDK allows you to develop 2D HTML apps using different game engines, including Cocos2d 2, Cocos 2d-JS 3 and Phaser. You can choose to build your app for a particular platform or make a web app, and you have templates for standard HTML5 and HTML5 + Cordova when creating your new game app as a project.


One of the key features for game developers is the updated Game Asset Manager tool. This gives you a central place to view your game app’s assets. It will appear as a column on the left, with dropdown options and a menu to select the various images or animations you may want to use in your app. By clicking on the brackets icon you can find a code snippet, which you can copy and paste using the Clipboard icon, into your project’s JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS file.